1 All renters and authorized additional drivers must be over 25 years of age and have a valid driver’s license to drive Euro Motor Club cars. no exceptions.  Additional driver’s cost $49/day limit 2 per car.  All Driver’s must have insurance coverage or purchase Euro Motor Club insurance.
2 All renters are required to provide two separate forms of identification which would include driver’s license and major credit card/debit card or passport. At least one ID must have a picture on it.
3 All US resident renters must provide evidence of car insurance coverage to purchase coverage from Euro Motor Club. Euro Motor Club will contact the renter’s insurance company to verify coverage in place. If insurance coverage is needed, Euro Motor Club will determine the needs of the renter and offer coverage accordingly. In the event the renter selects to use Euro Motor Club coverage, their rental deposit authorization will also act as their deductible. In the event a renter elects Euro Motor Club insurance the deposit authorization is typically double that of someone who provides their own coverage. All non-US residents must purchase coverage from Euro Motor Club. Average daily rates vary from $75 to $495/day based on the vehicle class and value.
4 All renters must have a clean driving record and no major criminal record, no felonies or violent crimes and no DUIs/DWIs. Euro Motor Club reserves the right to cancel any reservation where the renter is considered not qualified based on either of the two records stated.
5 All renters are required to pay a deposit authorization on a major credit card prior to rental in addition to the cost of the actual rental fees. Deposits vary between $500 and $10,000 based on the vehicle selected. This deposit is taken on the day of the rental and is released at the conclusion of the rental. It is not a transaction in most cases, just a hold of the funds.
6 Euro Motor Club does allow additional authorized drivers on most of our vehicles. These drivers must be entirely covered by their own insurance or purchase additional coverage for an additional driver if the renter selects Euro Motor Club coverage. There are additional fees for this coverage. In most cases , a person who is an additional driver on someones personal insurance is not covered to drive a rental vehicle. Our renter can make this change on their policy or ask Euro Motor Club to help. The party who is paying for the rental may reserve the vehicle for an additional driver. However, the party who is paying for the rental must be present at the time of delivery or pick-up to sign for the reservation and rental agreement. In the event this is not possible, Euro Motor Club will require the renter to send whatever documentation is necessary to feel comfortable there is no fraud being committed. Unfortunately, Euro Motor Club cannot rent to a renter who is paying for another person to drive and does not intend to be seen in person without these added measures.
7 No renter may take an Euro Motor Club vehicle more than 100 miles North, 200 miles South or 120 miles West of Fort Lauderdale Beach 33316 without express written consent from an Euro Motor Club representative. Trips to Naples, the Florida Keys and North of Jupiter must be approved in writing prior to departure by an Euro Motor Club employee.
8 At the time of the reservation Euro Motor Club will charge 100% of the total rental rate on a major credit card which is not-refundable with zero exceptions. Euro Motor Club has specific vehicles in specific colors and trims, consider this the same as booking a wedding venue, it is one of a kind. Within 24 hours or less prior to rental delivery or pick-up, Euro Motor Club will place the deposit authorization on the card on file.  If you think may need to cancel, do not book it.
9 Some rentals are subject to a delivery fee which include many of our exotic vehicles if reserved for only 24 hours. Any rentals outside of the area may include a fee. In some cases if the delivery is out of our radius, we may require the rental to pay for our flat bed tow truck to deliver and pickup. Rates vary based on distance. You may pay the towing company directly. There is an added fee for our employees role in the delivery and pickup. If a vehicle is rented or hired from Euro Motor Club Exotic Cars the renter/customer understands that should the service be provided, no refund is due. However, if the service was not provided, example, the vehicle rented should break down, Euro Motor Club will offer a replacement vehicle at the daily rate listed on the website, and or a refund for the hours/day/days of use that were not available.
10 All rentals include 50 to 125 daily miles per vehicle at no additional charge and are subject to an additional mileage rate of between $1.00 and $10.00 per mile which is calculated at the end of the rental. Renter’s may purchase additional miles prior to the rental for a discount. If all of the pre-purchased additional miles are not used, there is no refund allowed.
11 Euro Motor Club keeps track of all vehicles using 24/7 tracking for excessive speeding and reckless driving as part of our agreement with local and State law enforcement to protect our renters and also the other drivers on the road. Also, if a renter is determined to be deliberately gunning the engine and jamming the breaks in slow driving zones, or downshifting to first gear during the rental, the rental will be terminated and Euro Motor Club will come to retrieve the vehicle. If a vehicle is taken within 1 mile of any raceway or speedway Euro Motor Club reserves the right to cancel the rental and come retrieve the vehicle right away.
12 Tolls: Renters are required to pay all tolls.  Euro Motor Club includes a toll road Florida State SunPass in each vehicle.  At the end of your rental we will calculate the tolls used while the car was in your possession if any exist, and charge your card for the cost of the tolls plus 3% processing fee.  Renters may also choose to pay for a daily fee for unlimited tolls when making their reservation.
13 Refunds: Euro Motor Club Exotic Cars does not provide a refund for any services that are provided and accepted by our customers.  If a customer should rent a vehicle in our fleet the rental is cancelled, we also do not provide refunds of any kind.
14 Renters are required to return our vehicles in the same condition as when they are given to them.  All accidents must be reported to the police at the time of the accident and at the location of the accident.  Renter must stay at the scene of the accident to do a formal police report.  Any damages created by the Renter are the sole responsibility of the renter and/or their own insurance.  If the Renter accepts Euro Motor Club insurance, the Renter is responsible for their deposit deductible only which covers damages and loss of use costs.  However, if it is determined that the Renter did damage that was not an accident or an accident was not reported to police at the scene, Euro Motor Club will require the Renter to pay in full for all damage repairs as well as a fee per day equal to 100% of the Euro Motor Club website’s daily rental rate for loss of use during the entire time the vehicle is being repaired even if the Renter’s insurance will not pay the claim due to negligence by the renter. Euro Motor Club will always make a formal claim to the Renter’s insurance or Euro Motor Club’s insurance the following business day.  Again, if the Renter is in an accident or a collision of any kind, the Renter is 100% required to stay at the scene of the accident and contact the police.  The Renter must also gather contact information and insurance information from any parties involved in the accident.  The Renter must then make a claim to their insurance or Euro Motor Club will make the claim the following business day.  In the event the Renter used Euro Motor Club insurance and does not contact the police to make a report at the scene of the accident, Euro Motor Club’s insurance coverage will not be extended to the Renter for the claim.  The Renter will void their Euro Motor Club insurance coverage and be 100% liable for all damage repairs, losses to third party vehicle or property arising from the accident AND all loss of use days while the vehicle is under repair and rendered un-rentable by Euro Motor Club to its customers.  It is strictly prohibited to leave the scene of an accident that takes place in an Euro Motor Club car.
15 Renters are required to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as when the vehicle is given to them. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel Euro Motor Club will charge a refill fee of $75 in addition to the cost of the fuel. A receipt will be provided to the renter via email. You will be charged $8 per gallon to credit card on file.
16 Smoking is not permitted inside or near any vehicle in the Euro Motor Club fleet. Smoke near or inside of the vehicle can cause smells that are permanent. Euro Motor Club advises all smokers to stand at least 5 feet away from the vehicle with the windows up at all times to avoid the smell getting into the vehicle. This includes, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vapor cigarettes and marijuana or other smelling substances. If an Euro Motor Club employee determines smoking left a trace in the vehicle, an automatic fee of $5,000 will be charge to the credit card on file without exception.  Euro Motor Club will be forced to park the vehicle for 3+ days with windows down to ventilate the odor.  DO NOT SMOKE IN OR AROUND OCEAN DRIVE CARS.
17 If an Euro Motor Club vehicle is towed, it is the responsibility of the renter to advise Euro Motor Club so that we may do a proper inspection to verify there was no damage to the vehicle. Euro Motor Club has a relationship with all major towing companies in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Our VIN #s are on file. In the event we receive notice our vehicle was towed and the renter did not notify us, and automatic fee of $2,500 will be charged to their card in question. That renter will also not be permitted to rent from Euro Motor Club in the future. The risk to the next renter if their is damage and they get in an accident as a result s too great.
18 We reserve the right to contact police and make them aware of the situation if it is determined that a renter is excessively speeding in a slow zone or exceeding 100 MPH for ongoing periods of time which is considered reckless driving. If our car is impounded the renter will lose their entire deposit without exception and also be responsible for a daily loss of use fee for the term of the impound process equal to 50% of the average daily rental rate (insurance will not be included in this rate).